Habla Messaging Center

Habla Messaging Center enables your Android powered phone to redirect any SMS to online outlets and/or lets you specify a callback url of your choice to direct your incoming SMS to. Some key features from the last release are:

  • Any SMS you receive while not having a valid Internet connectivity is put now into a background queue and will be sent when you reach an Internet connectivity
  • Any SMS not processed correctly will be put into the background queue to be processed later.
  • Another completely new feature is that you now have the option to opt-in into something we call P2P SMS networking, which allows any SMS received while offline to be forwarded to a gateway with internet connectivity. This method is now in beta testing mode and will be built out over time to be more robust.
  • The application is now completely localized and English/Spanish is now natively supported.

Upcoming features are  support for cellphone messaging of audio, images and videos, as well as support for a rule based system for which messages should be forwarded. In addition a light weight version to support P2P networking for anyone to only process P2P messages to make the reach larger.

Note: Currently all SMS will be forwarded to the web, so do not leave it on.

Current version: 1.1
Release date: 5/30/2010