Habla Messaging Center version 1.1 released 2

Today HablaMessagingCenter version 1.1 was released. It is a major release and some of the new key features are:

  • Any SMS you receive while not having a valid Internet connectivity is put now into a background queue and will be sent when you reach an Internet connectivity
  • Any SMS not processed correctly will be put into the background queue to be processed later.
  • Another completely new feature is that you now have the option to opt-in into something we call P2P SMS networking, which allows any SMS received while offline to be forwarded to a gateway with internet connectivity. This method is now in beta testing mode and will be built out over time to be more robust.
  • The application is now completely localized and English/Spanish is now natively supported.

Upcoming features are  support for cellphone messaging of audio, images and videos, as well as support for a rule based system for which messages should be forwarded. In addition a light weight version to support P2P networking for anyone to only process P2p messages to make the reach larger.

HablaRadio 1.2 released 0

Today HablaRadio 1.2 was released. The main new feature is that it now supports both Spanish and English. It will change the interface based on the locale chosen for the phone. If there is a request for other languages these can be added now without too much effort.

HablaRadio launched 1

HablaRadio 1.0.4 is now launched and available on the Android Market. It brings the capability for anyone to record radio, share those recording and download others using their Android phone. Localization in English and Spanish will be available in a a day or so.

Technology HablaCentro Launched 0

You will in a bit find guidelines and answers to most of the questions about the Android phone applications and others relevant information surrounding the HablaCentro technology.

In the meanwhile contact technology [at] hablacentro.com if you have any questions.